Transformation Management Director - Saudi Arabia

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Transformation Management Director (Corporate Strategic Transformation) - Saudi Arabia

Leverage your abilities and join the dynamic team of a leading holding company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Job Context: The role of the "Corporate Strategic Transformation Manager" is crucial in driving and overseeing substantial change initiatives within the organization. Key responsibilities in this role include: 

Key Accountabilities 

  • Lead company-wide transformation initiatives, focusing on improving overall corporate performance.
  • Design and implement new business models to drive growth and efficiency.
  • Oversee the integration of new technologies and systems to enhance operational effectiveness.
  • Collaborate with different departments to ensure smooth adoption of changes and transformations.
  • Establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of transformation efforts.
  • Manage cross-functional teams, providing guidance and support for transformation projects.
  • Facilitate communication between stakeholders, ensuring transparency and alignment with corporate objectives.
  • Analyze market trends and competitor strategies to inform transformation initiatives.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with external partners, vendors, and consultants to support transformation activities.
  • Allocate resources effectively, managing budgets for transformation projects.
  • Provide training and development opportunities to prepare employees for new systems and processes.
  • Lead change management efforts, minimizing resistance and maximizing engagement.
  • Drive cultural change to support the transformation and align with corporate values.
  • Negotiate contracts and agreements that are crucial for transformation projects.
  • Uphold compliance with relevant regulations and corporate policies during transformation processes.
  • Evaluate the long-term impact of transformations on the business and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Adapt to evolving business landscapes, ensuring the organization remains competitive and agile.
  • Leverage data analytics and business intelligence to inform decision-making and strategy development.
  • Encourage innovation and creative problem-solving to overcome transformation challenges.
  • Balance operational needs with transformation objectives, ensuring continuity of business operations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

We Are Looking For:

  • A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, or related field, with an advanced degree like an MBA preferred.
  • 15 years of experience in corporate management, business transformation, or organizational development, including a proven track record in leading large-scale transformation projects.
  • Exceptional leadership and team management skills, capable of inspiring and motivating employees through significant changes.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, for effective engagement with stakeholders and clear articulation of transformation goals.
  • Strong strategic thinking and analytical abilities to develop effective transformation strategies.
  • Solid understanding and application of change management principles and methodologies.
  • Proficiency in financial management and budgeting for overseeing transformation-related expenditures.
  • Knowledge of digital transformation trends and integration of new technologies into business processes.
  • Strong negotiation skills for dealing effectively with vendors, partners, and external parties.
  • Advanced skills in data analysis and performance metrics to assess the impact and success of transformation efforts.
  • Exceptional organizational skills for managing complex projects, timelines, and multiple priorities.
  • Commitment to ethical practices and adherence to corporate governance standards.
  • Cultural sensitivity and global perspective, especially important for organizations with international operations.

Transformation Management Director - Saudi Arabia

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Transformation Management Director - Saudi Arabia

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