Marketing Director

Cairo, Egypt (Remote)

Leverage your abilities and join the  dynamic team of one of the largest cosmetic retailers in Egypt.

Job Context: The role revolves around orchestrating a strategic symphony of initiatives aimed at amplifying business performance within the industry. This involves meticulous planning, innovative development, and precise measurement of marketing practices to ensure they align seamlessly with overarching business objectives.

Key Accountabilities 

  • Develop marketing strategy and brand strategy for retail, distribution, e-commerce and CRM across all products and consumer segments.
  • Set and administer an annual commercial budget. 
  • Guide the day-to-day activities and empower the marketing, Retail and Distribution teams and management across all the organization's products portfolio & Segments. 
  •  Continuously review market changes, consumer trends and the activities of competitors, adjusting the marketing plan if necessary.
  •   Manage and refine the company’s social media presence. 
  • Identify & assess new business opportunities.
  • Identify market research requirements and commission research studies.
  • Overseeing and managing relationships with digital, branding, PR and communication agencies, suppliers, and service providers 
  • Adds “Marketing depth” to the commercial leadership Team and provides strategic insight across the board.
  • Key contributor to the annual strategic & operational business planning process. 
  • lead and develop the Brand and Marketing Communications strategy.
  • Maximize brands awareness amongst current and potential customers channels.
  • Respond quickly, proactively, and creatively to competitive business market forces 
  • Discover, share, and disseminate relevant aspects of consumer behavior and experiences.
  • Support the incorporation of the consumer perspective into product development. 
  • Lead the improvement of stores profitability by understanding the value of each customer segments and implementing marketing strategies, retention campaigns, and engagement programs that maximize their value. 
  • Beat competition in customer satisfaction: Net Promoter Score 
  • Ensures SMART goals are established for the commercial teams and conduct regular performance reviews and coaching for team members to ensure achievement of goals and sustainable performance. 
  • Establish and support medium- and long-term development plans for all team members and prepares the team’s and his own succession by developing line managers capability and accountability.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • 15+ years of professional experience in a similar exposure whining Retail Business sector 
  • Hands on experience in building commercial and retail strategies. 
  • High level strategic thinker - Extensive experience of setting and delivering high level business strategies within retail business. 
  • Strong communication and influencing skills, credible at chairing and able to build cross functional partnerships.
  • Successful leadership of functional managers with a sizeable team and wide skills span and managerial expertise – inspires the team to win. 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with demonstrable ability to manage ambiguity and simplify complex situations.


Marketing Director

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Marketing Director

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