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Maadi, Egypt

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Insurance Manager - Egypt, Cairo.

Our client, a prominent Saudi holding company with notable expansion, boasts an office in Cairo.

Seize the opportunity to join this firm and gain extensive experience, knowledge, and networking, all while playing a key role in its regional development.

As an "Insurance Manager," you will be central in protecting the company's interests from insurance-related risks. Your primary responsibilities will include:

Key Accountabilities 

  • Oversee insurance activities, ensuring compliance with the framework to protect interests from risks.
  • Develop and implement insurance strategies, plans, policies, and processes group-wide.
  • Identify, analyze, and minimize or transfer risk exposures in company activities.
  • Develop an insurance philosophy tailored to business requirements.
  • Evaluate brokers and insurance companies using a formal scoring system.
  • Manage insurance intermediaries and relationships with insurers and reinsurers to optimize processes and transfer risks.
  • Explore non-insurance solutions for uninsurable exposures.
  • Overhaul claims systems and recommend improvements.
  • Advise on insurance policy options, cover limits, and risk retentions.
  • Foster a risk-aware culture through an Enterprise-Wide Risk Management program.
  • Take responsibility for delivering effective insurance services, addressing specific needs and offering both transactional and consultative support.
  • Recommend appointments and conduct annual surveys of insurance brokers and companies.
  • Audit policy premiums and broker/insurance company SLAs to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
  • Assist in negotiating broker remuneration and insurance premiums.
  • Develop and review insurance programs and timelines with the insurance committee.
  • Create board-level documents on corporate risk and insurance philosophy.
  • Conduct site visits for policy compliance and promote insurance knowledge across subsidiaries.
  • Compile quarterly claims reports for the Insurance Committee.
  • Audit policy documentation to ensure alignment with commitments and avoid unreasonable terms.
  • Monitor and guide the claims process, attending necessary meetings.
  • Ensure timely renewal of all insurance policies.
  • Manage claims recording, progression, and settlement.
  • Handle all insurance-related correspondence and coordinate insurance policy additions/deletions.
  • Liaise with Supply Chain Managers to update insured stock values quarterly.
  • Assist in determining correct insured values and exposure limits through formal valuations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • Requires 7-10 years of experience in the insurance management field, with at least 3 years leading the insurance function in a large organization, preferably in a similar industry.
  • Bachelor's or master's degree in management or insurance is necessary.
  • Competencies include customer service, organization, problem-solving, attention to detail, analytical skills, and communication.

Insurance Manager

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Insurance Manager

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